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Online Esoteric Mediumship Courses

Welcome to The Dark Arts School House - Online Esoteric Mediumship Courses you can take in the comfort of your own home.  Professional Esoteric Teacher Wynne Thornley will be your guide as you are introduced to many tools and techniques that allow you to explore the art of becoming your own medium and ghost hunter. 

Take your time, and learn at your own pace. One lesson plan a week gives you focused practice each week.

Here is a list of some courses anticipated to launch

Spring & Summer 2021

Empathic Mediumship - The Foundation 

A comprehensive course for empathic mediums to manage their energy, and Spirit, with confidence.

26 Video Lessons

7 Guided Meditations

Weekly Cheat Sheets & Homework Assignments

One video lesson a week allowing you time to practice and get comfortable with the lesson plans.

Independent learning with access to a Student Community - Begin when you are ready.


Clean Up Under Your Sink 

Make the transition from commercial cleaning products to DIY. Raise the vibration of your whole home!

Content Currently in Creation

Smudging and Grid your Home

Simple and proven techniques to cleanse and harmonize your home. This is a condensed workshop for anyone looking to learn more about clearing their home, car, or work space with ease.

Content Currently in Creation

Crystals for Empaths and Mediums

This course will contain the fundamentals of working with crystals. 

The crystals being explored in this condensed workshop are those that work well for empaths, and mediumship work

Content Currently in Creation

The Elements and their Remedies

Intermediate level of learning, this comprehensive course will cover how to deepen your knowledge of using the elements within your spiritual and energetic practice.

Content Currently in Creation

Ghost Hunting from the Mediums Perspective 

You want to hunt ghosts and diagnose the energy in the spaces we live and work? This is the course for you.

Watch for this comprehensive course to open October, 2021

For greater success in the 2 intermediate to advanced courses, some psychic, or mediumship practice should already be developed. I recommend taking Empathic Mediumship- The Foundation as a starting point.

Enrollment OPEN NOW

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