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Wynne's Soul Remedies

Awaken Your Light - Embrace Your Shadow - Learn to become your own healer

"I believe that anyone can learn how to flow reiki, connect to spirit and their own inner knowing if they so desire. How you learn these tools and techniques is a very personal experience."

- Wynne Thornley

The Seat of Your Soul; Intuitive Development Workshop Series

Divinely designed, these modules are intended to help build your intuitive skills to enhance all areas of your life. Use these modules to personalize your Intuitive Reiki Course, or One on One training. All "Getting Started- First Degree" students must take "What's Your Primary Clair?"

What's Your Primary Clair? 

Learn about how you interact with the world around you through your clair-senses. In this fundamental module we will cover:
  • Identify your primary clair-sense; how you naturally work with your intuition
  • Empathic nature
  • Charka basics 
  • Learn to read oracle cards; fine tune questions
  • Filling the Aura with Light
  • Guided meditations and more

Crystal Remedy Basics

Explore the world of crystals and how you can begin using them to enhance your self care routine. In this beginners module, we will cover:

  • Chakra basics and the aura
  • How to use crystals in ways you may not have thought of
  • Crystal pendulums; learn about divination and how to clear the charka's and aura
  •  List of the most common crystals, and more

Channeling; Angels & other Spirit Guides

Are you ready to begin connecting to your spiritual guide team? In this beginners - intermediate level module we will cover:

  • The Phyla of Angels and other beings of light and duality
  • Automatic Writing
  • 3 Guided Meditations
  • Connection with Loved Ones
  • Etheric Cord Unplugging and more

Intermediate Chakra & Aura Techniques

Are you ready to learn more about the chakras and the aura? In this intermediate level module, we will cover:

  • Intermediate chakra work; mental, emotional, and spiritual connection to body pain
  • Intermediate aura work; The 7 Layers, cleanse, repair and heal.
  • Techniques on how to work with our intuition, crystals, and guides to identify the origin of pain; emotional, mental, spiritual
  • Helpful plants, flowers, crystals, oils and incenses for chakras and aura

Past Life Investigation

Are you ready for bigger shifts in your healing journey?  This workshop can deepen your healing work with past life retrieval, and understanding repeating patters, phobia's, birthmarks, special interests and more. In this intermediate level module, we will cover the following:

  • Identify etheric and past life cords
  • The difference between etheric and past life cords
  • Etheric Cords; where they come from, techniques to release and heal for highest good of all involved
  • Past Life Cords; two techniques to identify, release and heal, the archangels who assist
  • Homework after the session and more

Ancestral and Karmic Repair

Are you ready to begin repairing karmic imprints in your ancestral line that can be passed along to your decedents? Then this intermediate - advanced level module is for you. The energetic techniques that  will be covered are:

  • Beginners Ancestral Healing; how our ancestors impact our lineage, and techniques to begin energetic healing through your family soul group.
  • Reiki and Ancestral Healing
  • Guided Meditation to work with ancestors
  • Beginners guide to clear belief systems; personal and projected
  • Practice a self treatment and more

Learn to Read the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are known as an access point to our Soul's Journey, or Book of Life. Learning how to intereact with this energetic level can offer great clarity to any and all areas of your life. This is only available in the Advanced- Third Degree Level of learning. Here is what we will cover:

  • What are the records and why do I want to access them
  • Opening your Akashic Records
  • How to ask better questions 
  • Healing work in the Akashic Records
  • Archangels that govern Akasha
  • How to enhance your intutive skills including past life healing, ancerstral healing and belief systems while in the records
  • How to open the records for you home, family and business
  • So much more!

Customize your learning experience

In person One on One Training Day - 8 hours

Small Group Weekend Workshop - 16 - 18 hours

Enroll in my 6 - 12 month Intuitive Reiki Course - Deepest level of learning

Want to learn more?

Weekend Workshop are on all year round.

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