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Wynne's Soul Remedies

Awaken Your Light - Embrace Your Shadow - Learn to become your own healer

"I love to teach others how to use reiki in the most unexpected ways. Only your imagination is your limit."

- Wynne Thornley

The Essence of Reiki; Dr.Usui's Method of Natural Healing

Next In Person Group Classes planned for Fall/Winter of 2020/2021

I invite you to go to my Events page and check out my 6-12 Month Intuitive Reiki Course for more information about 

up coming group weekend classes and long term mentoring and coaching opportunities.

 I am a firm believer in including reiki in my daily routine. My main objective during your reiki training is for you to learn how to incorporate reiki into your daily lifestyle to encourage personal growth, healing and happiness. One on One training and Small Group Retreats ensure you receive all you need in our time together to confidently begin working your self care reiki practice at home. 

The Essence of Reiki; Dr. Usui's Method of Natural Healing manuals I offer in class are written by Gary and Adele Malone. They are simple and powerful guides to help you within your reiki practice after our class room time together. You will be provided with an eBook /Manual, Degree of Attunement Certificate, Reiki Lineage Chart, and continued support from me after completing each degree of training together. 

These manuals are recognized teachings, and certified through The Reiki Healing Association

The Essence of Reiki; First Degree

Receive your First Healing Attunement to the Reiki energy. In this two day class we will cover:

  • The history of Reiki
  • Dr. Usui and the first Grand Masters
  • How to balance your chakra system and aura
  • Basics; the endocrine and lymphatic systems
  • How to begin working on yourself, family and children, animals, plants, and more.
This is the perfect class for beginners who have been called to work with this style of hands on healing. "What's Your Primary Clair" is offered on Day 2 giving this a well rounded learning experiance. You will leave with 2 eBooks, ans cheat sheets to review at home.

The Essence of Reiki; Second Degree

Receive your Second Healing Attunement to the Reiki energy. In this two day class we will cover:

  • The first 3 symbols of Usui Reiki; used to amplify and enhance your reiki sessions
  • Working with Reiki over distance and time
  • The Three Pillars of Reiki
  • Explore the chakra system in greater depths
  • Gain confidence with working with your Reiki Guides and Archangels
  • Setting up your own practice and more.

BONUS! Crystal Remedy Basics is included in this level of learning. You will leave with 2 eBooks and some cheat sheets to review at home.

The Essence of Reiki; Third Degree

Receive your Third Degree Healing Attunement to the Reiki Energy. This is the level of learning where you can attain your Master and Teacher recognition. In this two day class we will cover:

  • The Usui Master Symbol and more symbols you can use to enhance your practice
  • How to advance your personal Reiki practice; advanced aura and chakra work
  • Learn to attune and teach others how to include Reiki in their self care or professional practice and more.
You will receive everything you need to teach classes of your own including manuals, professional paperwork and certificate templates. 

Karmic Reiki; Advanced Techniques

Enhance your self care, and professional Reiki practice, with techniques to allow deeper healing and release energy blocks associated with your karmic soul path. In this one day class we will cover:

  • What are karmic debts and ties, and why do we want to release them
  • The 7 Layers of the Aura
  • How to identify, release and heal Karmic imprints within the energetic bodies
  • Learn five Reiki symbols that are used to release karmic debris, clear the shadow imprinting and heal the emotional aspects related

Karmic Reiki offers advanced techniques that compliment any style of reiki training you may already be practicing. This class is recommended for Advanced Reiki Practitioners, and Reiki Masters ready to deepen their healing sessions.

Customize your learning experience

In person One on One Training Day - 8 hours

Small Group Weekend Workshop - 16 - 18 hours

Enroll in my 6 - 12 month Intuitive Reiki Course - Deepest level of learning

Want to learn more?

Weekend Workshops are on all year round.

Click the button below to jump to my Events section to check out my upcoming group workshop dates and locations.