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Wynne's Soul Remedies

Awaken Your Light - Embrace Your Shadow - Learn to become your own healer

Channeling and Blended Reiki Sessions

I specialize in connecting with your energetic bodies, and guides, with the support of the Akashic Records. Within Akasha, the intention is to read your souls blue print, your Akashic Record, and look deeper into the areas you wish to see alignment, abundance, and harmonization. I blend this channeling method with Reiki Mastery, and alchemical healing techniques to offer you a well rounded healing session. 

My clients often feel refreshed, optimistic and focused after a private session. This healing time can offer months of personalized self care, and focused guidance divinely designed to enhance your drive to achieve your goals.

Take a peek below at what areas we can center your reading around. 

Personal- Career - Home - Land - Spirit

Each private session is a unique experience.

Reiki & other Energy Work Techniques

Energetic debris, etheric cords ,and more can sit within our energy bodies known as the chakras, meridians, and the aura. 

This can tank your energy, increase mood swings, and alter your mental perceptions. I hold the Reiki Master Teacher level of training in the Dr. Usui Method of Natural Healing, and also a technique known as Karmic Reiki. 

These reiki techniques are blended with crystals, and aromatherapy. 

Gentle healing intended for balancing the mind, body and soul. 

Past Life Healing

Through our soul's journey, we learn important lessons in each incarnation. Some lessons we feel have come to completion, but the energetic pattern remains. This can include phobia's, birth marks, repeating patterns you cannot seem to shake, and more. The goal is to identify, release and begin the healing work required to propel you forward on your healing journey. 

This is a gentle technique that releases heavy cords to the past. 

Home, Land & 

Business Curing

Home, land and business spaces also have their own Akashic Records. In the records, we reveal what your business requires from you for success. When it is best to sell or renovate your home. Often our land comes with a painful past that can be cured, making it more comfortable for you, your family and animals to live in harmony. 

I specialize in homes believed to be haunted.

Elemental Remedies

Are you ready to include tools from the earth into your self care routine, but unsure how? We can laser focus your session on your personal elemental prescription, and you will learn which crystals, essential oils, plants and flowers are most beneficial in your self care routine at this time. You may already have these tools and oils at home! I can offer guidance on how to use these items safely, and confidently, at home.

One on One Training & Intuitive Reiki Mentorship

Choose 1-3 skills to grow per one on one training session. For more information about each module, check HERE.

My Intuitive Reiki Mentorship is for those who have been working their reiki and metaphysical tools, but need a kick in the butt to begin applying their gifts consistently in order to achieve their long term goals quicker. 

You choose from 3,6,or 9 month commitment, and you receive 4 - 30 minute phone sessions a month that are designed to keep you on track. 

What my clients are saying!

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Investment in You

Compare the session styles below, and find the best fit for you. 

For the Coaching and Training aspect, you will always have the option to receive my continued support at the level of learning you have completed with me through email, and short phone consultations. I care about your success.

15 minute Complimentary Phone Consultations are found in my online booking. 

60 minute 

Phone Session


Video or Phone Session  (Facetime, Zoom, Phone)

Self care and Personal Development

1 hr Phone Session

This session time can include all of my services.

Private sessions are great for an full body energetic tune up and full channelling session.

You will receive homework that you can apply in the days, weeks and months to follow our time together. 

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In Person Home, Business & Land Curing


In person service

Reset the energy in any space

Please contact me for a Complimentary 15 minute consultation. 

Space Clearing can be completed in person or by distance.  In most cases, I prefer to do any clearing and curing in person. 

I am happy to share smudging technique you can use after our time together.

An addition travel cost of $50 may apply. 

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Small Group Training & Mentorship Packages


One on One  Personalized Training

Private Small Group Workshops

Coaching Program- Personal and Career

Best for those ready to take their healing journey to the next level.

Your Mentorship Package can begin at anytime. Book your 15 minute Complimentary Consultation to learn more.

Are you ready to begin achieving your goals through your intuitive and energetic gifts? 

I can travel to you! If you and a group of friends want to learn together, ask me about booking a private Seat of Your Soul  Intuitive Development or Reiki  weekend workshop.

More Information

Disclaimer; Please review

The services Wynne Thornley offers are for those who seek an alternative form of life coaching and spiritual growth. They are not intended to diagnose or cure any disease of the mind or body. There will be no diagnosis  of disease, of the body or mind, offered and there will be no prescriptions in the pharmaceutical, homeopathic or dietary realms given. You will be guided to seek care within the healthcare community for any concerns regarding your physical and mental state if it is deemed out of Wynne's area of expertise. These services do not replace any treatment plan in place by your medical and/or mental healthcare team. The services Wynne Thornley offers hold the intention to compliment what is already in place by your medical and/or mental healthcare team, and will not replace any medications, or of the like, you may have been advised to take by your healthcare professionals. If you have concerns regarding your physical, emotional or mental health, it is advised you seek proper evaluation, and treatment, before conducting any kind of psychic, energetic or elemental healing session with Wynne Thornley, or any other practitioner in the alternative healing arts.