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Mentorship Built for the Empath, Psychic, Intuitive and Medium

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Enrolment Opportunities are now Open

Initiate | Intermediate, Advanced | Teacher

Each level has 3 openings per group, per season

Group Mentorship Sessions begin in January 2023

Initiate Level runs for 4 months | This level is designed for the Self Care Guru

Intermediate and Teacher Levels run for 6 months | This level is designed for the Professional 

Enjoy weekly 90 minute Group Session; via Private Zoom Room

Course Materials include pdf cheat sheets, audio files and reading lists

Areas of Study

Intuitive Development

Initiate and Advanced Chakra Balancing


Alchemical Energy Work

Esoteric + Reiki Teacher Training

I am an extensively trained Professional Esoteric Teacher. I have been facilitating the training of individuals + groups in the spiritual, energetic and metaphysical arts since 2015. I will be your guide as you are introduced to many tools and techniques that allow you to explore and harness your energetic systems, and become your own medium. 

From time to time, I will be offering short 4-8 week online group modules designed to fine tune your skills with specific tools and techniques; reiki, crystals, cards, and pendulums for example. These modules will be extra learning opportunities, and compliment the teachings offered within the mentorship groups. These online group modules are also open to those who want to build their psychic gifts but are not ready to enter the full mentorship program. 

Find those bonus modules in my Events , with registration open for First and Second Degree Reiki November 2022

Learn to become your own healer

Expand your Professional Practice

Build a successful Teaching Practice

Book your Mentorship Interview

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