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Wynne's Soul Remedies

Awaken Your Light - Embrace Your Shadow - Learn to become your own healer

Monthly Soul Remedy Membership

Intuitive Living  - Soul Remedies - Reiki Love

I have discovered that not all questions that come through my private sessions, and mentee's, require one to book a full private session. Many people who see me are already initiated into reiki, channeling techniques and other alternative healing modalities.

 Yet,  I often hear these folks are also stuck when it comes to consistently using these techniques they learned, thus blocking healing in the area they originally took "reiki" training to heal in the first place.

The intention behind my Soul Remedy Membership is to offer a space to ask questions about where you feel stuck in your personal reiki, meditation, channeling or other kind of self healing practice. Beginners, Intermediate and Masters are all welcome! 

You never know what will come up, and who will teach you a little something new.

Here is an overview of each membership tier and the perks you receive each month.

Choose the monthly tier that works best for you and stay as long as you like.

$5.00 Monthly Pledge

A big Shout Out of appreciation on my Podcast

Ad Free listening, early access to content and events, and random perks

$10.00 Monthly Pledge

Everything included in $5 tier plus.....

Private link to my monthly Live Soul Remedy Chat

No worries if you miss a live chat. You will have access to the replay

$25.00 Monthly Pledge

Everything included in the $5 and $10 tiers plus.....

Private link to my monthly Live Deep Meditation

Access to my Professional Meditation Recordings 

 As we grow together as a community, you will see more content, perks and connection naturally evolve. 

My greatest intention, and goal, is to create a casual, yet deeper, conversation about what it is really like to use reiki, our intuition and soul remedies as a lifestyle.

Are you ready to shift your perspective, and have fun with your gifts again?

I invite to join my Soul Remedy Membership, powered by Patreon.

Become a Patreon

Upcoming Soul Remedy Membership Zoom Rooms with Wynne

Sunday February 2, 2020


Soul Remedy Chat

Topic of Interest: Dream Interpretation 101. Members choice this month, and they have spoken. I will talk about how you can begin to interpret your own dreams, and some books that I trust to help get you started.

Sunday February 16 2020


Deep Meditation;

Flowers and Chakras

Intention: This months Deep Meditation will be a good 45 minute deep dive into clearing the chakras with the power of flowers. 

Sunday, March 8, 2020


Soul Remedy Chat

Topic of Interest:  Spring Cleaning - Home Edition. The topic of interest for March’s Soul Remedy Chat is all about preparing the house for spring!

I will talk about the importance of living in a energetic clean house and a few ways to raise the vibration of your living area without spending a dime.

Saturday March 21, 2020


Deep Meditation; 

Ignite Your Fire

Intention: Lots of meditations are built around the intention of relaxing, stress reduction and letting go. In March, we will talk about using meditation to ignite your fire and uplift your mind, body and soul.

By joining my Soul Remedy Membership, you support my efforts in offering spiritual tools, content and connection at an investment level that is financially available for everyone. As my Patreon grows, I can expand what I am able to offer to you in my free, bonus and exclusive content to facilitate your journey in personal, reiki, and intuitive development. 

Thank You