The Dark Side of Lightwork

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Wynne Thornley

Esoteric Teacher, Guide and Podcast Host

My passion is demystifying the dark arts and the paranormal. I do this through my independent podcast, haunted field trips, and chats on Wisdom.

The only services to the public I currently offer are:

 Mentoring, Home, Land & Business Diagnosis and Curing's

and private sessions by referral only 

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The Dark Side of Lightwork

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 Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey! 

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Haunted Field Trips in 2022.

Certified and Extensively Trained

Mastery in Channelling + Akashic Records | Teacher Level

Mastery in Reiki, Reiki Teacher | Alchemical + Karmic Reiki

Paranormal and Supernatural Expert

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"I am certified in multiple areas of psychic and energetic development; specializing in reading the Akashic records, alchemical healing and curing the haunted + unsellable.

I have enjoyed my professional practice since 2013.

I have had the opportunity to be  interviewed on various internet radio stations, podcasts, and YouTube Channels. I was honored to be included in a past issue for the Canadian online magazine

"One Thousand Trees" , and I have shared my story, along side other women entrepreneurs, in the book "Living Your Dreams" by Krista Harrison. 

I have a private office, podcast, and travel central Alberta and beyond hosting haunted field trips."

"You get more fulfillment from living your truth than hiding in the shadows" 

-Wynne Thornley

Proud to be recognized as a

Certified Reiki Master Teacher + Karmic Reiki

by The Reiki Healing Association

Lifetime Membership status

Certified in many levels of 

Intuitive Development:

Master Channeller + Medium | Realms of Light + Duality

Akashic Records Master and Teacher

Earth Angel Realms & Angelology

Certified Flower, Crystal  & Alchemical Practitioner

Upgrading and continued training always in progress